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Mary Jo Watts, Custom Project Design for Digital Endeavors
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Project Design

for creative endeavors



About You

You’re an interesting person.

You’ve got an interesting project. Maybe you have an inkling of what is possible for your work. You need a website, but you want something different, something that reflects what’s uniquely you. Could be you’re not sure what form your ideas ought to take and you want to bounce ideas around with somebody who’s invested in your vision. Perhaps you prefer a more formal approach. You have crystal clear goals and want to work with a pro who can help you to craft and implement a sustainable plan. I have the experience and skills to help you.


Tell Me

Big Ideas


Let’s Make


About Me

Interesting People Delight Me.

When I was 18 my mom agreed to support me majoring in French if I’d also learn to program a computer. Best. Deal. Ever. I’ve spent all my careers in higher education- 25 years as an academic, an instructional designer, and in IT as an administrator of learning technologies. I’m a mercurial person- thinky, intense, analytical, patient, slightly introverted, slightly cocky, always outspoken. I’m equally obsessed with the forest and the trees, a quintessential INTP-A personality type. I’m motivated most by the pleasure I get from resolving other people’s quandaries. I’m happiest working with intriguing people like you to curate, archive, and promote your brilliant work.

My Services & Skills


I build websites customized for your content, budget, personality, functional requirements, and skill level. I will help from A-Z, conception to launch. I provide free training videos so you can update and maintain your site.

  • My sites featured on NPR, MTV,’s Freshly Pressed, WordPress Discover and others.
  • Recent clients: artists, activists, politicians, filmmakers, IT professionals, academic seminars, and university departments.

Skill Levels


Vimeo & YouTube0


Social Media

I will help you set up your accounts, train you how to use their features and how to interact with others on the platforms. I will start your promotional campaigns and devise a long-term social media strategy that you can sustain.

  • Led a successful campaign to trend an indie film on iTunes.
  • Steered 60,000+ unique users to a single blog.
  • Used social media to coordinate 64 simultaneous performance actions in four countries.

Facebook, twitter & tumblr0

Academia & LinkedIn0



I'll teach you how to use advanced features of digital databases; organize your research and archives; help you revamp your syllabi; design your online courses; design your web portfolio/CV; and help you promote your books and other projects.

  • B.A. – French and women’s studies, The University of Tulsa
  • M.A., A.B.D. – comparative literature, Rutgers University.
  • Award-winning instructor of undergraduates- seven preps in four departments.
  • Specialties: digital humanities; multimedia; film & sound theory; medieval and modernist poetry.
  • Professional instructional designer and Learning Management System (LMS) administrator
  • Published in TDR.

Selected Projects

William J. Doan

An Artist's Portfolio

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Climates of Change

A Cornell-Sponsored Living Newspaper

Bad and Nasty

An Activist Artist Coalition

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Powers of Expression

A Magazine about the Elements of Art

Rick Anderson

An IT Professional's Portfolio

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Scholar as Human

A Cornell University Academic Group Portfolio

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Interviews with Filmmakers

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My Process & Pricing

Getting Started

I Build to Budget. I Price by the Project.

All my working relationships start with a consultation so that I can customize a plan for your project that fits your budget and goals. Here’s how I start.


Before All Else


First Step

A 60 Minute Consult for $60

Pay me $60. Talk with me for an hour. Tell me how much money, time and effort you can afford to spend. Tell me your dreams and goals. Tell me what you know and don’t know yet. I’ll ask you a bunch of important questions. I’ll go away and think hard about what you’ve told me and within three days I’ll send you a fully realized project plan customized to your needs and budget. A to Z.  If we decide to work together I’ll credit that $60 to the price of our completed project.

Second Step

A Custom Project Proposal

The proposal includes everything I can accomplish with you given the money, time, and effort you can afford to spend on the project. I start backwards by totalling all your out-of-pocket costs. Once I know what both your one-time and recurring costs are, I’ll give you advice about your options and tell you what fantastic things are possible given every facet of your budget. I’ll tell you what needs doing, by whom and how. All your costs agreed to up front. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting. No unpleasant surprises, just mutual trust.

Third Step

A Communication Plan

Collaboration is all about communication. I require honesty (bluntness is best), but I’m flexible with technique and adaptable to your style. How would you like me to engage with you? Are you visual or verbal? Do you read email? Do you like detailed updates or do you clock out after 5 bullet points? I have a suite of online productivity tools I prefer. Do you want to try them, or do you want me to adapt to yours?  With an agreed upon mode of communication we’ll avoid annoyances and misunderstandings. Now. Let’s get to creating!

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