Mary Jo Watts | About Mary Jo Watts
About Mary Jo Watts- personality, recent projects, work experience, etc.
websites, social media, learning technologies, project design, research
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My Personality

I’m a mercurial person- intense, cerebral, logical, slightly introverted, slightly cocky, always outspoken- equally obsessed with minute details (computer code) and the big picture (3-year strategic plans). I pursue my interests with white-hot passion and total commitment. I’m motivated most by the pleasure I get from resolving other people’s quandaries. I love pleasant surprises. I’m methodical. I’m enthusiastic. I’m a feminist. I excel at research. I’m a techie. I’m a fan.

I thrive emotionally and intellectually in on-line communities and I’m great at creating and growing them. I live, love and work in a variety of social media platforms. Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook are an integral part of my every day.

Quintessential INTP-A personality type.

Recent Projects


In response to the 2016 election I co-instigated BAD AND NASTY, a loose international alliance of writers, designers, journalists, media makers, activists, and artists.  On February 20th, 2017 we staged 64 performances, actions and art installations in four countries to protest Trump’s inauguration. I’m the group’s web designer and social media coordinator.

Fandom Publications

Television and film production, cinematography in particular, has been my burning interest for the last few years. Under the name mid0nz (aka midonz) I’m a seasoned blogger of metas in the Sherlock tumblr fandom. In 2014 I started a blog, CinemaVitas, where I published my wildly popular long-form interviews with the show’s crew. CinemaVitas was twice featured as a editor’s pick. With the help of 40 Sherlock fandom volunteers, most of whom I’ve never met in real life, I designed, edited and published the first issue of my online arts journal, Powers of Expressionin July 2016.

Work Experience


I earned my BA in French and women’s studies at The University of Tulsa in 1992 and my MA in comparative literature from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in 1996. I taught undergraduate courses at RU for many years while conducting research in a wide variety of areas including: modernist and medieval poetry; the work of the Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould; silent film comedy; and the cultural history of multimedia. For several years I was a digital humanities fellow at The Center for the Electronic Text in the Humanities (CETH). In 2014 I co-authored, with Sara Warner, “Hide and Go Seek: Child’s Play as Archival Act in Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto“.


During my many years as an instructor of undergraduates at Rutgers University I taught both introductory and advanced courses such “Introduction to World Literature”, “Introduction to World Mythology”, “The Medieval Lyric”, “Gender and Technology”, “Expository Writing”, and others in several different academic units including: Comparative Literature; English; Writing; Information Technology and Informatics; and Women’s Studies. I taught small seminars with a handful of advanced students; I taught massive lectures of 300 or more, and every kind of class in between. I’m proud to have been presented with a Dissertation Teaching Award by the Rutgers Graduate School – New Brunswick.

Training & Instructional Design

To offset the cost of graduate school I designed and built websites for a number of academic units on campus and I became a trainer at the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTARR) where I specialized in introductory and intermediate multimedia creation and web design. In 2005 I took an exciting position as a lead instructional designer with the Rutgers Office of Instructional and Research Technology (OIRT) where I served faculty, students and staff on all three campuses: New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. After less than one year on the job I was awarded the Rutgers Office of Information Technology (OIT) Vice President’s award for employee excellence.

Project Management

Private life led me to Ithaca, NY where I worked as a freelance project manager for Cornell University in 2006-7 on several faculty innovation and teaching grants (FIT), most notably Vicos: A Virtual Tour.

Learning Technologies & Enterprise System Administration

I’m a Learning Technologies Coordinator at Ithaca College, where I’ve been employed for eight years.  I implemented and feed and care for the campus’s enterprise collaboration and learning environment, Sakai, which is used by most faculty and nearly all students for blended learning, and by hundreds of staff members for project-based work.